Who am I?

Hi, I’m Avik Goon, founder of Codesavy.com and a freelancer in java web application and standalone desktop application development, however I’m doing MCA and have deeper knowledge in Python, Android, JavaScript and Node.js.

 What is CodeSavy?

CodeSavy is not just a blog, it’s a passion, an emotion of mine towards coding and technology.

Codesavy is a new hashtag for coders, developers, a place where you can find real technology related stuffs and no mumbo-jumbos.

 Why CodeSavy?

In today’s era, the word “technology” is simply revolving around mobile phone unboxing, reviews, specifications, and blah..blah..blah…! It seems nobody is interested in talking about the real technical staff, i.e., all that stuff which is happening behind the stage.

Here  @CODESAVY  we will discuss hard-core technology-related staff like coding, designing backend, frontend etc.

We’ll share opinions on Software, Games, Programming Languages, AI, Data Analysis, Data Mining and lots of interesting pieces of stuff related towards coding and technology.

You’ll definitely get reviews but only on latest games, software or applications, no other kind of reviews will ever be seen on this platform.

 What to expect?

Despite the fact that, CodeSavy is totally intended towards technical and Coding related stuff and news, various type of tutorials and troubleshooting guides will also be posted in the text as well as in video format. Yes, you read it right, Codesavy will be on YouTube very soon with lots of interesting videos, tutorials, reviews and game plays.

As Codesavy is not just a blog, It’s a Community, so no community can  be build up alone so I’m looking forward to a great revolutionary CodeSavy Family.