Best Free Coding Websites, Best Place To Learn Programming Online

Best Free Coding Websites and Certification Courses

Best Free Coding Websites To Learn Coding With Free Certificate

Here I’ve collected a list of 5 Best Free Coding Websites to Learn Programming Online and get certified from the Industry leading Organisations and MOOC Providers.

Top 5 Best Places To Learn Programming Online:

List of top 5 Best Free Coding Websites and Certification Courses that are available Online from the top MOOC providers.

Nowadays when the internet and technologies are booming around the world, many professionals like us need extra certification to boost up their own skills. The main issue I faced when I first decided to learn Python in 2013, was time. Though I always been on freelancing but due to many projects burden I was just pissed-off. That time in India online courses was not so famous, maybe I’m wrong but most of the professionals like me always preferred distance courses than online courses. Though the distance courses of that time are also available through online mode, still we always prefer face-to-face learning more than the digital learning. Despite the fact that, no face-to-face learning program is available only on Python or any other specific language. As you all know in India traditional learning only convey degree programs very few programs are there which allow us specialization on a particular language or subject. That was the first time when I decided to try Online Courses. I must tell I never regretted that decision. But I must admit choosing the right course even at that time was not so easy. I spent nearly a whole day doing researches on the internet. Choosing a right program can save your hard earned money as well as time. the internet is flooded with lots and lots of courses and offers even at that time also. It was really hard to make a right decision. However, I somehow decided to go with Udemy as they were really providing good content at an effective cost. I only paid $15 that time for Python course.

How to Choose right Course Online?

In 2018 it’s now even harder to decide what to choose because there are somehow 5 times more options are now available online, almost around the year.

In this post I collected Top 5 Best Places To Learn Programming Online, here you’ll find free and paid courses but choose wisely these are really great platform but you need to be clear about your requirements first, like:

• What do you want to learn?
• What are your expectations from online programming course(s)?
• How much money and time you’ll be able to invest for that particular course(s)?

Now when you’re ready, you can follow the list:

 top 5 best places to learn programming online


and filter your course(s) from each website. Go through each course description and syllabus. Try to figure out what suits your need best and short-list your selections. Then choose the best one from the shorted list. Which you think could be suitable for you.
Remember one thing, these websites are best but maybe all programs will not be able to stand on your requirements. So choose wisely.

Here are my top 5 list of Best Free Coding Websites with free Certificates:



Best Free Coding Websites, Best Place To Learn Programming Online

When it comes to quality content, I must name Udacity first. Although this article represents the list of top 5 Best Free Coding Websites and certainly Udacity doesn’t fit in this segment, as they don’t have many free contents, but as per quality of contents and tutorials, I must admit Udacity has some best in class contents throughout the web. Here you will find both free and paid courses even Job-Ready Nano-Degree programs. Yes, you heard it right udacity providing job guarantee with it’s every Nano-degree programs.

Udacity has lots of courses like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Robotics, Self-Driving Car Engineering and VR Development, which many other sites simply don’t have or not as great as in Udacity. Another advantage of Udacity if you want to learn Android you can learn it straight from Google’s instructor. In my opinion, their android courses are simply best than any other websites. But a huge problem with Udacity I realized that many courses are simply outdated and they never bother to update it. so beware and choose wisely. Because purchasing an outdated course may end up with zero valuation in the market.




Best Free Coding Websites, Best Place To Learn Programming Online


When it comes to University Courses, traditional Courses the only name comes to my mind is Coursera.

They simply have the best instructor and top-notch courses out there. The courses listed in Coursera are sort of traditional degree programs like we used to get in our university and colleges, the instructors are also professors from various reputed universities. Before I enrolled in Coursera I was contempt with what I was learning in my university, and then I took the course ‘ Social Network Analysis ‘ by ‘ Prof. Lada Adamic’. And I realized that there is more to computer science than just coding. The course and the knowledge I got from ‘Prof. Lada Adamic’ opened up a new world for me. It left me with a hunger to learn more and more. It left me with more knowledge and a better view of the application of computer science than my last 3 years of bachelor’s.

However, you need to realize your priority before taking any courses. Udacity and Coursera both are the best and leading platform right now but you need to understand what you need most, a Job oriented Course or an academic like course. A full academic course will leave you with a deeper knowledge not only in that particular field but also in the consecutive fields, but a Job Oriented Course will make you Job ready in that particular field. So think twice before opting for any course(s).


Best Free Coding Websites, Best Place To Learn Programming Online

As I told earlier Udemy was my first choice during my initial Python programming journey, perhaps udemy has the largest course library among my top 5 list of Best Free Coding Websites. Udemy is not just focused on any particular niche, there are many courses like Photography, Marketing, Drawing, Programming, Lifestyle Coaching etc. If you’re not fully aware of your requirements you may end up with an irrelevant course. Moreover keep in mind Udemy is a great platform but only for those who keep their eyes always open, because udemy don’t have any quality content checking policy like udacity or coursera, so generally every type of content can be found on udemy, so before using this great platform you need to be fully aware of your requirements.

You may have a question on your mind right now :

why did I recommend Udemy if it has such drawbacks?

I recommend udemy because I believe, learning should be available to everyone. Yes in Udemy anyone can learn because there are tons and tons of free contents with certificates. Even the premium content you’ll find on Udemy at a very cheap price. I recently opted for a photography course on Udemy, just in $8. Coursera or Udacity course prices are really high and not affordable for everyone, though Coursera giving FINANCIAL AID facility to their students, so anyone who is unable to pay their fees can do courses for free and get certificates but the options are limited and it takes almost 15days for approval, but in Udemy anyone can learn anything in a very much cheaper price even with a great content.


Best Free Coding Websites, Best Place To Learn Programming Online

After Coursera in terms of quality content and number of courses, the 4th position is only reserved for edX. They have almost 1250 courses in their bucket. Let me tell you edX is founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. They are the largest MOOC(MASSIVE ONLINE OPEN COURSES) Provider having really high-quality content for their students. The thing I like most about edX is they provide almost every courses for free but they charge money for their certificates. Which is almost around $99 approx. If you have craved for knowledge you can obviously take advantage of edX free courses. They even have some kind of Micro-Master Courses which can potentially provide you with college credit. Please do check their documentation and colleges which are accepting edX courses. This may cost you some couple of $100 extra than any general courses found on edX.


Best Free Coding Websites, Best Place To Learn Programming Online

IITBombayX reserves the 5th position in my list of Best Free Coding Websites. This is an Indian MOOC(MASSIVE ONLINE OPEN COURSES) platform developed by IITBombay. Taking the cue from the Harvard-MIT initiative edX, the concept of IITBombayX was pioneered by Prof. DB Phatak of the CSE department, to help students all over India get access to top quality teaching facilities at IIT. IITBombayx is a non-profit open source platform providing almost every course for free of cost, the current IITBombayX platform is an integration of Drupal 8 with Open edX. The courses are offered using Open edX, while Drupal will be used to fetch and display courses in various ways. I will recommend every Indian student to try out IITBombayx at least once you’ll never regret that’s my guarantee it’s a wonderful alternative of edX, you may say it’s an Indian version of edX


The 5 top Best Free Coding Websites, I mentioned are the best right now available in 2018, but you need to be very careful before opting for any course(s), because you may find much misleading information around the web, so keep your eyes open, do enough research based on your requirements and choose wisely. Always remember “time is more valuable than money”, so don’t waste your precious time on a course which is not at all relevant to you, don’t get attracted to the cheap offers always buzzing on the internet, always judge the content and syllabus before buying any course.

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