Top Programming languages to learn in 2018, 5 best programming language to learn in 2018

Top Programming languages to learn in 2018

Top Programming languages to learn in 2018

Here I have collected the list of 5 best programming language to learn in 2018

We all know that software development is a dynamic field. In last few years we have seen evolving of many programming languages, frameworks and technologies, which rose to fame and then faded away. Developers should constantly learn new skills to stay updated and relevant. At Codesavy, we figured out which programming languages are in high demand and prepared our list of 5
Top Programming languages to learn in 2018

How did we measure and created the list of 5
Top Programming languages to learn in 2018?

There are several techniques to measure the popularity of any programming language or framework. However, we believe the most efficient way is examining job demand because it shows developers, which skills they should learn to improve their career prospects.

That’s why we have collected data from various famous job websites. Then we analyzed the data on twenty-four programming languages and frameworks to determine the 5 Top Programming languages to learn in 2018.

Please keep in mind that, this analysis is totally based on the number of job postings for each programming language. Some languages like Swift and Ruby didn’t make the top five because they seem to have lower job demand.

Here is our list of 5
Top Programming languages to learn in 2018
in order from most to least demand:



Top Programming languages to learn in 2018
Top Programming languages to learn in 2018


#1. Java:
Oracle’s Java was really popular until 2017, we’ve seen nearly almost 68.5k Job-Postings last year, But somehow in 2018 Java decreased in popularity by about six-thousands job postings. However, still java holds the #1 position on our list, it’s well established and used by millions of developers and billions of devices worldwide. Even after the existence of Google’s official language Kotlin many Android apps are still based on Java and 90% of Fortune 500 Companies use Java as a server-side language for backend development. Java EE 8 and Java 9 both launched in September 2017 as the Eclipse Foundation took over managing Java EE from Oracle.


#2. Python:
Some years ago, if someone asked me about my favourite language, I would definitely tell them that it’s Java, but now since 2017 after learning Python I simply fell for it. Even it seems to happen with many developers, If we look at the graph Python gained popularity by about five-thousands Job Postings this year. Perhaps, in my opinion, I found Python is the easiest language to learn. It’s also widely used in scientific computing, data mining and machine learning. The increasing growth and demand for machine learning among developers may be driving the popularity of Python.


#3. JavaScript:
Javascript, one of the oldest programming language, which is still as popular as many years ago. Although that’s no surprise to me – JavaScript is used by over 80% of developers and by 90% of all websites. As IOT and mobile devices becoming popular, several frontend frameworks for Javascript such as React and AngularJS gaining its future potential. So, I doubt that JavaScript will lose popularity in near future.


#4. C#:
C# decreased in popularity little bit this year. Microsoft’s own language C# designed to run on Microsoft’s .NET platform to make development quicker and easier than Microsoft’s previous languages. Microsoft launched C# v.7.2 in last year November, adding several new features geared towards avoiding unnecessary copying. Unlike C++, C# is also heavily used in video game development. So any aspiring video game developers should learn both of them to do well in game development.


#5. PHP:
PHP, is a server-side scripting language, gained popularity than last year and comes to #5 position on our list. Most web developers use PHP in web development because of its ease to use and to handle functions that HTML can’t handle or to interact with a database like MySQL.


Languages that haven’t made to our top 5 yet:


Although C++ is very much popular language, but nowadays it’s mainly used for the development of drivers, system/application software and embedded firmware. Many developers find C++ complex and difficult to learn and use than languages like Python or Javascript. However, unlike 2017 C++ changed very little in popularity in 2018.


Swift, Apple’s own programming language released in 2014 for iOS and MacOS, can’t make its own journey to our 5 ”Top Programming languages to learn in 2018” list. However, Swift has been growing steadily in popularity since it launched according to IEEE Spectrum and Stackify but it couldn’t make it because of many job postings asks for “iOS” experience without naming specific languages.


Perl continues to be popular for the system and network administrators and as a glue language. However, Perl dropped by about 3,000 job postings this year.


Other technologies programmers should be aware of:

These software frameworks aren’t technically programming languages, but are still important for developers to know:

SQL Structured query language for storing, retrieving and manipulating data in databases. SQL is not technically a programming language but extensions like PL/SQL have added some functionalities of a programming language like looping and other basic functions. SQL has extremely high job demand, with over 30,000 more job postings mentioned in our list of 5 ”Top Programming languages to learn in 2018”. If you have time to learn new technology in 2018 SQL can be your best choice.


Node.JS is an Open-source runtime environment which allows Javascript code to run on the server side. It allows the web developer to use only javascript for an entire web application. JavaScript developers should spend some time with Node.JS to make themselves more well-rounded, even if they are completely attentive to the client side.


.NET is Microsoft’s own platform for desktop and mobile application development. It was made open-source in 2016 and used by programming languages like Visual Basic, F# and C#. .NET Core, a cross-platform .NET implementation, extends .NET to iOS, Linux, and Android. Most of the Windows applications run on .NET. That’s why it’s getting extremely prevalent in the business world and as it’s now open-source we expect it to become more popular now and in near future.




If you’re new to Programming or a successful developer, no matter what, you need to keep learning new technologies, frameworks and stacks throughout your entire life. Here I’ve given you a list of 5 Top Programming languages to learn in 2018 based on Job Postings. So that, if you’re a newbie, you can get a clear idea of where to start or begin with. Please keep in mind any programming language is based on logic. So I will suggest, First build your logical thinking then improve your logical thinking by practising algorithms then only choose which programming language you want to learn, however, if you’re a newbie I’ll suggest go with Python first. I’ll not say Python is the easiest language but definitely, It’s easier than C, C++ or Java.

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